¿Es un buen momento para los medios?

Luego de que el PEW publicara su pesimista informe “The State of the News Media 2013”, el periodista de Slate Matt Yglesias contestó argumentando que, en realidad, el periodismo de EE.UU. se encontraba viviendo un momento de gloria.

¿Quién tiene la razón?

Hay un blog que leo desde hace mucho tiempo: REFLECTIONS OF A NEWSOSAUR. Allí Alan Mutter lo resumió de la siguiente forma:

So, are these indeed the “glory” days of journalism?

No, if you worry about the reliability of what you are reading and the important stories you are not being told.

Yes, if you relish abundance and choice in the information you consume, as well as the frictionless freedom to publish anything that comes to mind, be it truthful, trivial or someplace in between.

No, if you are a legacy media company hoping to be as powerful and profitable in the future as you were in the past.

Yes, if you are an upstart journalist with the grit and grist to generate a proper income by building a steady following for your work in the decidedly messy new order of things.


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