¿Por qué esperamos tener un modelo online en 10 años?

La recojo de aquí y me llamó la atención.

So if it took newspapers more than 100 years to build the business and content models that we all now cherish, why do we expect a fully formed online model to emerge in just 10 years?

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James Gordon Bennett

James Gordon BennettHorace GreeleyE.W. Scripps and Joseph Pulitzer (…) They put ads on their front pages. They ran straight murder trial transcripts. They sent row boats out in the harbor to meet incoming ships so they might be the first with the news Europe. They produced multiple editions in the race to build reader loyalty. With the penny press, they disrupted the incumbent six-penny newspapers. They pushed partisan positions. They crusaded, some times to the point of unjustly influencing the course of events.

No crearon el periodismo de investigación ni invirtieron en él, pero sí crearon un modelo de negocios.